About Us

Meet The Founder:

Founded by Comedienne/Actress/Writer Yvonne Orji in 2009, Rock Your Stance! Apparel provides an avenue where single and married men & women alike can unashamedly declare their stance and their choice to wait. These individuals are introducing to the world a new standard of Christians who maintain their individual flair for life and style, while uncompromisingly proclaiming their love for Christ with integrity.

Why Keep It Locked?!

As a 17 yr old freshmen attending The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Yvonne was introduced to wonderful mentors in the form of Dr. Lindsay Marsh Warren, Tameshiah Shipley and the Pastors of Spirit Of Faith Christian Center, Drs. Mike & DeeDee Freeman. These individuals showed her that being a Christian was not about strict rules and living a stagnant life, but about using every gift God gave her to the utmost and representing Him in a manner that would draw believers and non-believers closer to the Kingdom. Today, at 32, Yvonne is proud to say that she is a virgin, who lives a fulfilled, fun and rather exciting life as an entertainer, and is delightfully anticipating the day she meets and marries the man of her dreams!

Is This a Life Sentence?

Emphatically NO! Contrary to popular belief, everyone's NOT having sex... and that's ok! Delayed gratification does not mean denied gratification.

At the right time, members of the movement will exchange their "Keepin' It Locked 'Til I Get That Rock" shirts, for the "KEPT It Locked 'Til I Got that Rock" version. (Oh Happy Day! :)
Yvonne's desire is that men, women, boys and girls, all over the globe, recognize the movement and declare their stance loud and proud in their own unique way.

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